Saturday, May 15, 2010

Introducing: DEADLINE

We are proud to announce another new addition to The Layup fam, DEALINE LTD! Here's a lil something about the brand followed by some pics of what we received at the shop...

"Deadline is a lifestyle brand started by LA based JUNBUG and Brooklyn based NA, the two linked up in 2007 to form Deadline. NA is the face of the company and JUNBUG deals with the buisness end of the company. Deadline is based on the backgrounds of both JUNBUG & NA, they have taking their life experience and turned them into a brand to bring a mixture of LA and NY steez. In the past Deadline has done collaborations with such brands as Diamond Supply Co., The Hundreds, J. Money and Lafayette. Right now Deadline consists of graphic tees and will introduce there first cut and sew collection for the Spring 2010 season. Deadline will be releasing a full collection consisting of denim, L/S woven, crew necks, varsity jackets and a fanny pack.
NA's Background: NA has been in the game since he was a 10 year old kid. He often hung out at the World Famous Supreme skateshop, where he grew up with a lot of OG skate heads/photographers/artists/hustlers etc. who are today some of the biggest influencers in New York City. Throughout the years, NA has worked along side numerous well known street brands and skateboarding companies, his focus is now Deadline, and it will show by the product of their upcoming season.

JUNBUG's Background: JUNBUG has been a hustler all his life, hustling growing up to be a professional poker player. Similar to NA he has taken his lifetime experiences and turned it into a positive movement by presenting Deadline. A clothing brand for all demographics and nationalities."