Monday, December 15, 2008

Blood Is The New Black

We are going to introduce the brands we carry here at the shop starting with BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK

"Since 2004, Blood is the New Black has sought to:

1. Showcase emerging artists in order to aid their careers in the arts
2. Introduce you to artists you may not have had the opportunity to know about otherwise.

Our line encourages the public to explore current art and design trends by prominently featuring the artists' work on our products. BITNB designs explore topics relevant to those who create them for us. Ranging from love to death, sex, money, social status, nature, God, even the extinction of the dinosaurs, our shirts are truly walking canvases. In other words, we make art available to all to view and wear.

From shirt design, to the hangtag and neck label on each shirt, we give credit where credit is due, instead of obscuring the talent behind our brand name.

And we guess if you want to get technical, Blood is the New Black serves a third purpose too: To create shirts that look and feel good to wear, we hope you enjoy the result."

We carry a lot of  designs for the ladies and a few for the guys too, so come by THE LAYUP and check em out!!

854 Somerset St W
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1R 6R7

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