Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Morning Videos

When I grew up through the 90's hip hop fell into one of few categories: East Coast, West Coast, Gangster, Underground (backpacker), Commercial (pop/dance... aka sellouts) and across the board it was all about being "hardcore" "keeping it real" and "reprezentin"

There were also a few groups I remember liking back then that didn't fit into those categories, at the time they were considered more alterna-hip hop or something. Nowadays it seems music is going in the direction of fusing different influences together, so strange and different styles are more accepted.

This first video is by BASEHEAD, in 1991 I had this video on tape and played it a million times... very different sound for me at the time, still holds its own today.

An interesting group I was really into back then was NEW KINGDOM. Their first album "Heavy Load" was more straight up hip hop, but their second album "Paradise don't Come Cheap" they delve further into a heavier darker sound. Here is a link for the music video, below is a live version of Cheap Thrills off this UK tv show, check the old white guys get down to this!

Another dope group from this era was THE GOATS. They hailed from Philly and dropped their first album "Tricks of the Shade" in 1992 featuring production by Joe the Butcher. You might remember the video for "Typical American". Their second album "No Goats No Glory" featured a lot of live instruments and more politically charged raps. Click the pic to see "Rumblefish" videos.

In the early to mid 90's Brandford Marsalis took a break from bandleader of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to work on this project called Buckshot LeFonque... The lead single "Breakfast @ Denny's" featured production by DJ Premier and dissed Denny's restaurant for refusing to serve a group of African Amercian secret service agents. Click the pic to check the video.

My friend had some promo compilation tape in the mid 90's that featured this song by TRICKY. It was "Black Steel" a cover of the Public Enemy classic. Click here for the music video, check out a live performance below.

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