Sunday, February 8, 2009

Echo Unlimited "Underground Airwaves"

I remember back in 1995 I got this tape "Underground Airwaves Vol IV" when I was down in Florida at some shop when I copped my first Echo hat, and t-shirt (this is before they changed it to ECKO). 

I remember how hyped I was when I came back to Ottawa with this Echo gear and people were buggin on it. I was loving this tape, it had Shabaam Sahdiq, Ran Reed, Problems and L- Swift from Natural Elements among other dope underground MC's out of the Lyricist Lounge... these tapes were made by Echo and Lyricist Lounge and were promos given out with Echo shirts in the mid to late 90's.... there are at least 6 or more volumes with early tracks from some crowd favourites like Mos Def, Mr. Voodoo, Cellaa Dwellas and more. Definitely the precursor to Rawkus Records and their later release "Lyricist Lounge Vol 1". 

I lost my copy of that tape ages ago, so I was hype to find some DL's on the net, shouts to VERGE and anyone else that uploaded these gems (the tapes go for over $60 on ebay)

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